Hira Punjab College Girl

 Hi  Hira here from punjab college. I am looking for handsome, charming and rich boy friend. It is my hobby to make fun with boy friends. If any one wants tension free girl friend contact with me.

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                            Name:  Hira
                      Mobile number:  0315 8103014
                   Age:  24
                   Location: Islamabad
                   Status: Single
                   Looking For: boys
                   Interested In:  friendship
                   Occupation: Not mention
                   Mobile Company: Zong

Karachi Girls Fashion

Pakistani fashion designer kamiz gala uniforms perhaps the most desirable women. And so it is more common in the Indian-Pakistani spot panties with full sleeves, rather than encounter kamiz shorts sleeve Pakistan with or without sleeves Pakistani Indian trousers. Unlike the Indian kamiz trousers that were subject to experimentation and the various modifications and Pakistani shalwar kameez kamiz mainly corresponds to the traditional methods and traditional.  Although not radical, but there is a slight difference between the trousers India Indian, Pakistani and Indian pants.

Tania Mirza Pakistani Muslim woman in United States

Here we are posting about Pakistani Muslim woman, Tania Mirza living in United States. She and her brother and older sister has Focused on Specialization in Medicine. Tania’s father is a well settled businessman and full support of her children to the Objectives to capture. Emirates is confused and wants to share with Readers on her blog the goal. Tania says: I would like to take the opportunity to explain how Screwed our primary medical care system (and by Affiliation to take anyone that Needs or will need a doctor) would be if we do not change a bit Things the life 06 years .
I do not mean the problems with health insurance. I mean the impending collapse of primary care that is family medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Psychiatry. Those fields that would Normally form the core of medical care in the country are Threatened by the Reimbursement Rates so low, that a 2008-09 survey of medical students Showed that only 1.9% are planning to go to primary care.

Aamira Wants Specialization in Medicine

edicine is the applied science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Aamira Pakistani Muslim babe, doing doctorate in United States. She as her brother and elder sister has aim to specialization in medicine. Her father is a well settled business man and full support her children to catch the goals.

Aamira is in confusion and wants to share with this blog reader about her aim. She says I’d like to take this opportunity to explain just how screwed our primary care medical system (and by connection, everyone who needs or will need a primary care physician) will be if we don’t change a few things in the next 10 years.
I don’t mean the problems with health insurance coverage. I mean the impending demise of primary care i.e. family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, and psychiatry. Those fields that would normally form the core of medical care in this country are being threatened by reimbursement rates so low that a 2008 survey of medical students found that only 2% are planning to enter into primary care!

Indian vs Paki girls

Beautiful women are pursued by a wide variety of men on a regular basis. Your actions will soon be forgotten if they’re not original.

Besides cultural differences there are big genetic difference. Pakistanis are more Arab in origin, while Indians are a mix of Ancient Indo-European peoples and Dravidians which were darker people from the south. They look physically different in a subtle way. I do not know who is more beautiful, I guess it is a matter of preference.
Dating can be especially difficult when the object of your affection has a different cultural or ethnic background. You must take extra care to avoid offending her in regards to customs or characteristics that you may find unusual.
These lines sends us Laiba a pakistani babe in Singapore.

Abeer Pakistani Girl Looking Real Man Dating

Name: Abeer
Country of Residence :
Language Spoken: English,Urdu
Education:Master degree
internet Markting
Marital Status: Single
Religion:Islam – Sunni
Has Children:no
5 ft 6 in
Weight:126 lb
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color:
Do you Smoke:
Do you Drink?:
Self Description
Interested in
Music, Nature, Music, Travel/Sightseeing
Looking for…
man Age 18 to 55 for Dating, Marriage
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Model Nadia Hussain

Pakistan’s Fashion Industry is growing day by day and has so many shinning stars in it. We have so many female models who are known internationally because of their professional work and their beauty. One of them is Nadia Hussain. Nadia Hussain is no doubt a woman of excellence, as she is a complete lady. Nadia Hussain Pakistani Model is a super star actress & host of Pakistan Fashion & Showbiz industry, and successfully completed several projects of ramp, modeling and photo shoot. Nadia Hussain pictures give a true and perfect look of her professionalism and emerge clear evidence of sincerity to her career.

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Bride – Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain – Gorgeous Yellow Dress

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Hot Model – Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain – Sexy Saree

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Sexy Model – Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain – Half Blouse Saree

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain – Salwar Kameez

Pakistani Model – Nadia Hussain – Bridal Dress

Anum Rawalpindi Girl


Rawalpindi is the fourth largest city in Pakistan after Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are twin cities of Pakistan where beauties born , live and always enjoy. Party nights in Islamabad are famous nights over the Pakistan. This pretty desi Pakistani Girl, Asma is living in off the road area of Rawalpindi. Where mostly night clubs exists. She is liberal mind girl and always looking for new friendships, meetups and gathering. She think she only deserve party boys for fun and games. This Rawalpindi Girl likes to play Chess, if you know it then try to talk to her by mobile or by chat. Hot Pakistani Girls don’t want to disclose her number via Gixmi.com. So be tiger and find her via email. And also if you want any desi aunty from Pakistan, she may can help you to find.
Cell No.  0324-5079363

Rahila Cute Girl From Karachi

Some one from our desi aunties reader sent us cute Pakistani girl photos. Her name is Mehwish, She is doing Fsc from Govt college Gujranwala. She is pretty and gorgeous girl. She is keen to have online friends. She belives on dating. So you wanna try with her? Her pics are sent by some one for our another website desiaunties.info and we think she is hot desi girl not an aunty, so apnigirls.com is suitable place for her hot pics.

Cute Girls from Karachi

Flexible Climate, Hardworking people and Beautiful Girls, these three things are making Unique Pakistan. As we are going to talk about desi girls, then Pakistani Girls are much related to our topic. Hot and Beautiful girls from different cities of Pakistan are playing vital role in the success of the country. In education, sports everywhere they are forwarding. Paki girls are lovely and friendly nature, they are mostly inspired by humble guys.
Lets enjoy some hot and sexy Pakistani girls pictures.